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Might delete this blog later, once I’ve re-made a few side blogs for my sketch work and my portfolio, follow if you’d like to keep in touch.

- Jay



adult female fans of transformers are different than adult male fans of my little pony and there’s a huge difference

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For a starters we realise when stuff is directed at younger audiences and don’t kick up a shit about it.

Oh and we also don’t take over children’s spaces and fill them with inappropriate content.

I get asking for advice or whatnot, like fact checking if you can’t find credible sources (like asking someone from X culture about something pertaining to that culture), but why are people going around to popular blogs and asking them shit like “WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT X SHOW AND X CLAIM OF RACISM?”. How about your form your OWN opinion rather than bandwagoning on someone else’s? 

And on that note, I’m getting really tired of people who aren’t even from *insert culture here* feeling as though they can speak for an entire group. It’s not cool, I don’t care how ‘progressive’ you think you are- DON’T DO IT, you’re actually being disrespectful. Do you think I allow two fucking WHITE CANADIANS BY THE NAME OF SIMON AND MARTINA TO SPEAK FOR ALL OF KOREA/KOREAN PEOPLE AND AM NOT CALLING THEM OUT ON THEIR ENTIRELY WRONG AND RACIST VIEWPOINTS? Hell no, they don’t get to say SHIT about Korea as though it’s hard, scientific or social fact when they don’t even bother to LEARN THE FUCKING LANGUAGE of the country they’re squatting in.

Even if you aren’t in the country of origin you’re unfairly speaking for, just fucking stop it, man.


very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them


I think I’m going to write a book called “‘Four Hours Is Definitely Enough Sleep’ And Other Lies I Tell Myself”


Wolf Pups and Tiger Cubs Playing 



leave kudos to fanfiction writers. bookmark their fics. give them reviews. let them know you enjoyed reading their fic. its really important do it

bloodbenderamon said: Never. No one is ever going to be perfect or ‘good enough’ for others standards, honey. We just have to do the best we can and keep moving forward.

Uh, actually there are certain industry expectations in my field of work, so there is a certain level of competency they want you to have- at the minimum. That’s what I’m stressing out about, Katt. I know you’re trying to make me feel better, but this is actually something I need to achieve just to get a job in the art industry (entry level, especially) and there is a certain bar I need to be able to reach- that is why I’ve been taking classes at a different college and have switched gears so I can be considered for shit like concept art and character/environmental design.

If this was simply a question of being ‘accepted by others’, I wouldn’t waste an iota of a thought on trying to achieve the impossible since I have no control over how other perceive me. In terms of my art portfolio, that IS something I have control over and am currently busting my ass to improve.

Nobody is going to hire me if I promise to ‘do the best I can’. I have to be able to show them I can achieve what they ask of me while being under the pressure of grueling work hours (30+ a week) and be self-motivated enough they consider me a ‘go-getter’. That’s the kind of industry that is our reality, at present.

Where the fuck will I be in two years? 

This is my last term at this art school for now (unless we end up moving to Berkeley for real once Alex’s doctorate is ready to go), so I’ll be taking online classes with CGMA. But that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get a job.

Alex keeps joking that he’ll support me, but I don’t want to be supported. I want to end up having an actual career doing shit I’ve been training all this time to do. Now I’m wondering if I just maybe don’t have anything that special to offer.

Ugh, that kind of thinking is getting me nowhere fast. Time to knuckle down and finish my sketchbook homework.


art by obsidian (Wooh NaYoung)

Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Wild Swans, Red Riding Hood, The Snow Queen, The Wizard of Oz

Badgering people for more money they already bothered to donate is not how you should treat people, just saying.

Because the more you call asking for fucking handouts, the more likely it is that we will STOP donating, since you apparently can’t just be grateful we already DONATE A LARGE SUM OF MONEY to your research EVERY DAMN YEAR.


Industrial designer Scott Summit, of Summit ID, creates incredibly beautiful prosthetic pieces. They are created on a 3D printer, with the user’s other limbs as a point of reference, resulting in beautifully symmetric limbs.  

His philosophy of creating personal and elegant rather than mass-produced, functional pieces really shows through the grace of his work.  

Some of the more beautiful things that come out of this philosophy range from recreating a tattoo that was lost to matching a purse to looking like a piece of sport equipment: whatever is important and personal to the wearer’s life become reflected in their new prosthetic limb. 

(Listen to his Ted Talk here)